Our Services

Our research and development laboratory is staffed with the most highly qualified chemists,microbiologists, Biotechnologists, fermentation specialists and engineers, including several PhD scientists.

Our diverse and highly skilled R&D teams come from successful, high-science backgrounds including pharmaceutical, medical and the health sciences field.

This level of expertise in research and development of performance-driven products and solutions is unparalleled in our industry and drives Genesis -IBRC to develop outstanding innovations.

We offer a wide range of formulation research and development services for

  • Aqua culture bio formulations and feed supplements.
  • Agriculture bio formulations and plant, seaweed extracts.
  • Poultry bio formulations.
  • Veterinary bio formulations.

This level of expertise in research and development of performance-driven products and solutions is unparalleled in our industry and drives Genesis-IBRC to develop outstanding innovations.

Our microbial products offers an innovative and diverse range designed with performance-driven, ecofriendly, application-specific solutions in mind. Our products have been created to provide environmentally responsible, effective treatments for a broad range of issues across many fields.

Industry has a greater responsibility than ever to our environment. Several bio Companies are expected and, in many cases, required to find safe and effective ways to manufacture bio products. Microbial products are the obvious choice for organic waste degradation but many microbial products combine harmless bacteria with harmful chemicals which defeats the purpose. Our optimized, application-specific bacteria strains are combined with highly effective, proprietary bio chemistry to provide unparalleled, documented results in each application.

No other microbial product range can offer the combination of optimized bacteria strains and eco-friendly chemistry which makes our product range so unique. Our products have been scientifically validated and verified. The extensive testing that has been carried out on our bacteria strains and products unequivocally demonstrates the effectiveness of each Genesis-IBRC product.

Our MOBILE LABS serve the customers located far away facing difficulties in examining the quality of pond water and aqua species in aquaculture and soil tests in agriculture. It’s been experimented efficiently at so many inaccessible areas in Krishna district, AP. This attempt tenders excellent results in satisfying the customer needs.

Our LAND LABS serve the customers 24X7 since 3 years with unmatchable success rate. Our technical staff do tests regarding relevant field (Aqua and Agriculture) and provide better results.Proposals are under progress to widen our MOBILE LAB AND LAND LAB SERVICES throughout AP.

At Genesis, we maintain the highest standards when it comes to supporting our customers. We employ a highly qualified, courteous and capable technical support team, which leverages its combined expertise in microbiology, chemistry and quality control, together with its thorough knowledge of our product lines and their intended applications, to provide our customers with unparalleled, comprehensive support and attention.

Our customers benefit from supporting product literature created by our team including accurate and up to date technical data sheets, material safety data sheets and labels. The technical support provided also extends to providing assistance with any regulatory and compliance issues experienced by our customers and, when needed, support in the field with product application and field trials.

Our dedicated support team promotes and continuously improves our customer project and sample request turnaround times, streamlines transfer of information to and from our laboratory to our customers and efficiently attends to any customer queries in a timely manner.

Consultation services include the following fields.

  • Aquaculture
  • Agriculture
  • Poultry
  • Veterinary